The collection of the IKOB is a visual reflection upon the history of the museum. Comprising almost 400 works, it expresses the artistic, political and, not least of all, the geographic orientation of the museum, its situation at the border between various cultural spaces and the ensuing confrontation between various independent and mutually enriching artistic scenes. The collection contains works by artists from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Germany – featuring such well-known names as Günther Förg, Guillaume Bijl, Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Jacques Charlier and Jonathan Meese – and including all contemporary media.

Standing at the beginning of the history of the IKOB collection is an end: It was donations by artists after the realization of exhibitions that introduced the transformation of the earlier IKOB – International Art Center in Eastern Belgium, an exhibition platform without its own space, into a full-fledged museum. After twelve years, the time had come: The IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art was born. And the gradual gathering of works of art now gave rise to a respectable museum collection.

The collection of the IKOB bears witness to the spirit of friendliness that connects the institution with its artists. It is important to preserve this tradition and to combine it with the demands made upon a museum of contemporary art.

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