In order to fulfil our social responsibility and to help stop the spread of the Corona pandemic, the IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art is closed until 19 May. We find this particularly lamentable because ultimately we are concerned not only with the widely cited collection, preservation and investigation of contemporary art, but even more with a direct communication with our visitors about art and culture in particular and about democracy and freedom in general. Already since 14 March, our team has been working from home on the projects of the IKOB. Because of uncertainty regarding planning, we cannot carry out the upcoming exhibitions in the form which we would like. We have accordingly put the museum in a form of deep sleep. The exhibition spaces and offices have been abandoned, and the current exhibition Brussels and Tel Aviv by Irmel Kamp, which was so successfully opened in February, awaits the return of art lovers wishing to experience it directly. A sad situation? A reason to give up hope? Far from it!

With IKOB – Surrogate, we are endeavouring to facilitate an appreciation of art through the digital veil and to make active use of the situation in order to demonstrate to you: We’re still here! And we are making every possible preparation in order to start the post-Corona era with renewed vigour and innovative ideas.

The title IKOB – Surrogate serves as an apt summation of our attitude, because surrogates are not only inexpensive substitute substances which, in the foodstuff-industry, replace expensive and rare substances used for flavouring, but also vaccines which can be derived from innocuous or weakened pathogens. This is how we view the digital technologies and strategies – as a substitute, at best merely adequate, for something for which there is no replacement: namely the experiencing of art and an encounter with it through the immediate contact between visitors and works of art. The programmes and ideas summarised with the term IKOB – Surrogate all acquire in a playful manner a concrete form in the digital realm; in this period of lockdown, we hope that they will not only offer you a pleasant distraction, but will also convey a perspective onto the post-Corona times to come.

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