Artist's book for the exhibition HYPERBILD

On the occasion of the exhibition "HYPERBILD", an artist's book was created by the artists Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken and Tanja Mosblech together with Matthieu Litt (Liège). The artist's book was published by the IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art with texts by Frank-Thorsten Moll, Pauline Salinas Segura, Maren Marzilger and Isabelle Weykmans.

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Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken, Débranché VII

Wall object, 3D print, 2023, series of 99, 18 x 38 x 0.5 cm, 2023

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Tanja Mosblech, Verwurzelt II

Print on Hahnemühle Rag, 20 x 30 cm, Edition 10 /10

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Tanja Mosblech, Verwurzelt III

Print on Hahnemühle Rag, 20 x 30 cm, Edition 10 /10

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Tanja Mosblech, Verwurzelt IV

Print on Hahnemühle Rag, 20 x 30 cm, Edition 10 /10

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Jürgen Claus, Fotografie und Collage, 2011

Dieses Unikat wurde im Kontext der Ausstellung "Je suis Atoll" von Jürgen Claus angeboten. Die Collage auf Fotopapier wird im Passepartout ohne Rahmen zum Vorzugspreis von 200 EUR (zzgl. Versand) angeboten.

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Jürgen Claus, Tusche, 2007

Dieses Unikat wurde im Kontext der Ausstellung "Je suis Atoll" von Jürgen Claus angeboten. Die Tuschezeichnung wird im Passepartout ohne Rahmen zum Vorzugspreis von 200 EUR (zzgl. Versand) angeboten.

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Francis Feidler - Elastikommunikation, offset print

A recurring motif in the works of Francis Feidler is the spiral representing the concept of Elastikommunikation, which the artist and IKOB founder also addressed in the works of his retrospective "Elastikommunikation 1964-2021" at the IKOB. Unique edition, signed, with frame, 1990.

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Francis Feidler 1964 - 2021 da fehlt noch was

The exhibition "Elastikommunikation 1964 - 2021" is accompanied by this extensive catalogue that brings together Francis Feidler's artistic work from its beginnings to the present day. Designed by Matthias Hübner ( and with texts in German, French and English by Rick Vercauteren, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Becker, Dominique Legrand, Renate Puvogel, Jacques Charlier, among others, and texts and quotes from Feidler himself, the catalogue reproduces over 200 works for the first time and serves as a reference work for the artist and his multifaceted practice. Print by Schaare & Schaare, GbR Berlin. Hardcover with wire-o binding, 224 pages, 21 x 30 cm⁣.

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Joséphine Kaeppelin - Extraits des procès-verbaux

The 36-part postcard series Extraits des procès-verbaux is one of the results of a commissioned work carried out by Joséphine Kaeppelin in 2021 at the performing arts institution "fabrique autonome des acteurs" in Bataville (FR). The service provider involved in the team of artistic-actionist research had taken it upon herself to observe the work and write about it. The recording was done in real time and mostly orally by dictation through a voice recorder. The result was an ensemble of short texts from which the printed sentences of the postcards were taken. Detached from their original context, each of the phrases generates its own liberated meaning, depending on the new situation in which they find themselves.

Joséphine Kaeppelin (1985, FR) is a visual artist - provider of intellectual and graphic services. She lives and works in Heerlen (NL).

website of the artist

Lee Ranaldo - Lost Highways

We are currently selling six original drawings that Lee Ranaldo drew with colored pencil during his travels. They are from the exhibition "The road, like the river, is ever changing and ever ever the same" and were on display at IKOB until January 8. After purchasing, please email to describe which drawing you would like to purchase. Link to the exhibition.

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IKOB cups - various motives

With our cups you can take a piece of IKOB home with you! Choose your favorite from 5 motives and turn your breakfast into a museum experience. Due to the simple and personal design, the IKOB mug also makes a nice gift. Grab it!

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IKOB – Feminist Art Prize 2022

Exhibition publication, 56 pages. This trilingual publication accompanies the exhibition of the IKOB - Feminist Art Prize 2022 with detailed information on the nominated artists Daniela Bershan, Jieun Lim, Sandrine Morgante, Marnie Slater, Céline Vahsen and Puck Verkade. With installation views and texts by Frank-Thorsten Moll (Director, IKOB) and Brenda Guesnet (Curator, IKOB). Designed by Caroline Lei. Link to the exhibition.

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Sandrine Morgante - Taalbarière

The book contains reproductions of the drawing series Taalbarrière, which is shown in the current exhibition. It addresses the borders and language barriers in Belgium from the perspective of secondary school students learning the language of the other community - French or Dutch. The recorded conversations tell of hesitation, uncertainty, and misunderstanding on the one hand, and at the same time testify to humour and curiosity. These complexities contrast with the ideal, orderly world of the textbooks, which Morgante interrupts with her drawings. 68 pages, A4 format, 2022 link to the exhibition

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Digital print, MC Silk 250 g/m2, framed, with vinyl sticker, 60 x 80 cm. Edition of 40 + 5 AP.
Link to the exhibition

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Alexandra Tretter - Die Module spielen verrückt

Vinyl record, limited edition of 200. Recorded and designed by Alexandra Tretter, the record acts as a score for the works in her past exhibition at IKOB and as an extension of the paintings into the realm of sound. Link to the exhibition

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Art & My Career - A board game by Olivia Hernaïz

Addressing the issue of under-representation of women in the art world, the board game Art & My Career, based on hundred of testimonies, features different careers in the art world. From artist to museum curator, players are invited to put themselves in their shoes in order to better understand their struggle. Available in german and french.

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Shirt - Helen Anna Flanagan

This shirt has been designed by artist Helen Anna Flanagan to accompany her exhibition "Gesticulating... Wildly". Available in sizes S-M-L (to be communicated by mail). Link to the exhibition

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Gesticulating... Wildly - Helen Anna Flanagan

Exhibition publication, 32 pages. This multilingual publication accompanies Helen Anna Flanagan's current exhibition at IKOB. With installation views and texts by Brenda Guesnet (curator, IKOB), Eva Wittocx (curator, M Leuven) and Ash Kilmartin (artist and writer). Designed by Stefanie Rau. Link to the exhibition

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Jo Caimo, Koorvoming

2018, Auflage 50

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