Accident or intent? Painting or sculpture? These are only a few of the questions that arise in view of the works of the Luxembourg artist Franck Miltgen. The work painted with vinyl paint and lacquer on aluminium clearly raises such questions. These are anything but easy to answer. The clarity of the work is deceptive. For as soon as you position yourself opposite their smooth surface, move in front of the work of art or take a look at it from a distance, you will notice nothing is as it seems. Light reflections dance over the polished surface and confuse your gaze.

Franck Miltgen comes to the IKOB on June 15th to talk about his art together with our director Frank-Thorsten Moll.


Franck Miltgen, Distortion LI, 2015
Vinyl paint and varnish on aluminium, approx. 201 × 150 × 50 cm
© Franck Miltgen
Photo credit: IKOB