Tanja Mosblech’s most recent works are serving as the occasion for her first solo exhibition at the IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art.
Her work is based on the blurred boundaries between reality and illusion, figuration and abstraction. Her overpainted women’s bodies, which heretofore were present in the picture as faceless beings, tend to disappear more and more in this new series. The abstract surfaces which for the most part surrounded and framed these figures convey the impression of now having made themselves autonomous. In Mosblech’s paintings, the figures look like optical illusions amid Nature.
In her oeuvre, the artist thematises in a surprising and multifaceted manner the development of life – the ‘primal soup’, as Tanja Mosblech calls it. She is concerned above all with a profound perception of Nature.

The space constructed on the ground floor expressly for this exhibition and accommodating an entire series of small-format pictures constitutes a deliberate representational form of the artist. She thereby manages to provide a home for her art and for the absent persons. Moreover, this staging emphasises the inner and outer aspects of Nature, of the garden. It points towards an intensive natural abundance even while illustrating the fragility of this paradisical state.