Peter Lacroix, Ausgewürfelte Bilder, 28 Bildmöglichkeiten, 1978
Felt pen on nettle, 160 × 180 cm


Star Work № 5: Ausgewürfelte Bilder, 28 Bildmöglich­keiten

Peter Lacroix

During the 1970s, Peter Lacroix focused intensively on colour field painting; he initially worked purely on an intuitive level, without laying a claim to symmetry or numerical concept. This procedure changed when he began to include the aleatory principle, the element of chance, in his pictures. Dice were used in both a ‘scientific’ and a ‘mystical’ manner: Lacroix rolled the dice to determine the contents of his pictures and thereby alluded in equal measure both to scientific methods such as the calculation of random probabilities and to practices of fortune telling.
If one imagines the determination of this sort of pictorial composition through rolls of the dice, things then go further with filling in the fields with paint – so that Peter Lacroix brings us back to Colour Field Painting, his point of departure. Not to be entirely disregarded is the mental leap the viewer must take: The work of art arises in his imagination and no longer in actuality upon the canvas.

In addition to rolling dice, Lacroix uses dates of birth, receipts, names and even the number of cigarettes smoked as a numerical principle for creating new works.

Within the Star Work series a different artwork from the IKOB Collection is displayed each time.

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