Wim Claessen, Me Walking, 2006
Acrylic on medium density fibreboard, 40 × 30 cm


Guillaume Bijl, Composition Trouvée (Hommage aan James Ensor), 2006
Installation (mixed media)
180 × 300 × 50 cm


MUSEUM = K (x+y) / D


Marcel Berlanger, Guillaume Bijl, Michaël Borremans, Jean-Pierre Bredo, Jacques Charlier, Ronny Delrue, Kati Heck, Norbert Huppertz, Haider Jabbar, Hiwa K, Irmel Kamp, Horst Keining, Jonathan Meese, François Morellet, Eric Peters, Ton Slits, Merlin Spie, Barbara Schulte Kellinghaus, Paul Schwer, Johan Tahon, Adrien Tirtiaux, Sven ’t Jolle, Luc Tuymans, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Johan Van Geluwe, Koen Vanmechelen, Romain Van Wissen, Yves Zurstrassen

Opening: 17.04.2016, 15:00

Dedicated to Jan Hoet

With works of the collections of the S.M.A.K. (Ghent) and the IKOB
In collaboration with Philippe Van Cauteren, director of the S.M.A.K.

Departing from a mathematical formula the exhibition analyses the simplicity of a definition which, through the selection of the displayed works, questions the term of relativity. Jan Hoet would have put it this way: “Who boxes with or against whom? What is a museum, what art has its place in it and what can one expect?”

No answer to this question is needed since the latter focuses on the insecurity that provides the necessary basis for any creative process. Institutional insecurity creates space for individual decisions – of the artist, the director of the museum or even the public. Through a daring confrontation of the displayed artworks this exhibition puts under scrutiny individual and collective acceptation.