19.01.2020, 15:00
Director's Tour with Frank-Thorsten Moll

Themes: Pragmatism and Self-Organisation, Art and Ecology

He is known throughout the world as a pioneer in underwater art. With the exhibition JE SUIS ATOLL by Jürgen Claus, the IKOB is not presenting the usual sort of retrospective of an artist. Instead this is an immersion in his thinking. For more than forty years, Claus has been focusing on ecological themes; he appropriates the research methods of the natural sciences, then transfers them into an artistic practice and a social investigation. Even today, he continues to pursue this strong interest regarding involvement in environmental issues.

Through his ‘expansion of art’, Claus has had a pivotal impact on contemporary art. Among other things, he is one of the first artists to have introduced art to the oceans. In his guided tour through the museum on 27 May at 3:00 pm, Frank-Thorsten Moll will explain what the whole thing has to do with our annual theme of pragmatism and self-organisation, as well as answering further questions.